Jozef Zajac

Jozef Zajac

Faculty Manufacturing Technologies with a seat in Presov, Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia

Throughout his professional life, his work is closely linked to the transfer of knowledge from his own science school into practice. He is characterized by engaging young researchers in all activities and working to create interdisciplinary teams, including the participation of practitioners in application research. He lectured his knowledge at many distinguished conferences both at home and abroad and in scientific journals. He was and currently is the leader of the scientific teams of the APVV, KEGA and VEGA projects. He is also responsible for mobility programs under the framework of projects ERASMUS and CEEPUS.

In the pedagogical field, he lectures the subjects Progressive Technologies, Manufacturing Technologies and Innovation and Technology Transfer. The Industrial Property Office is the guarantor of the Intellectual Property Protection Course and lectures are focused on creativity in science. He was the supervisor of 63 diploma theses. He was supervisor of 16 defended dissertation theses, one of them was foreign. Currently he is supervising 5 PhD students, three of them after rigorous exam.

He is member of scientific boards of Technical University of Kosice, FMT TUKE, MTF STU Bratislava, SjF STU Bratislava, SjF ŽU Zilina, FHPV PU in Presov and:

  • chair member of KEGA (Cultural and education grant agency MŠVVaŠ SR) and vice chair of commission no. 2;
  • member of the Technical Science Council APVV;
  • member of the Commission for Technological Development and Innovation of the National Council of the SR;
  • member of the Commission for the Business Environment, Support of SMEs and Tradesmen of the National Council of the Slovak Republic.

Professor Zajac was and currently is responsible for solving educational and research projects, international projects and applied research projects.