Nikolay Kiryukhin

Nikolay Kiryukhin

Union of SEA of Ukraine, Ukraine

Nikolay Kiryukhin received an engineering diploma in the field of nuclear physics in 1978 in Kharkiv National University. In 1987 he defended his PhD thesis “New materials design for application in irradiation environment” in Kharkiv National Polytechnic University. From 1978 till 1993 he worked in National Scientific Center “Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology” consistently occupying positions from junior researcher to the head of the department. He obtained scientific title “Senior Researcher” in 1989. From 1993 till 2006 he was deputy director and director of Research and Production Company “Plasmed”. In 2006 he got position of deputy executive director of Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations of Ukraine (USEAU). He was elected as president of this organization in December 2012.

Nikolay Kiryukhin research interests cover the area of new materials design for nuclear and airspace applications. He is the author of publications, academic scripts and patent applications. In 2007–2010 he was co-author of chain of manuals for physics for schools (7–11 classes). He was project manager and leading expert in many research projects funded by US DOE, European Commission, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, State Space Agency of Ukraine, Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine. His main area of activity since 2009 is the implementation of European procedures of certification of engineers in Ukraine.

Nikolay Kiryukhin was the main organizer of many national and international conferences since 2000. He was elected as full member of Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine in 1996 and is its Board member since 2001.