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Vitalii IVANOV
Vitalii IVANOVDSc., Professor, Ing. Paed. IGIP, Vice Dean[email protected]
Vladimír Duchek
Vladimír DuchekPh.D., Associate Professor, Dean[email protected]
Martin Melichar
Martin MelicharPh.D., Associate Professor, Vice Dean[email protected]
Markéta Přibylová
Markéta PřibylováAdministration[email protected]
Milan Edl
Milan EdlPh.D., Associate Professor, Vice Dean[email protected]
Justyna Trojanowska
Justyna TrojanowskaPh.D., Vice Dean[email protected]
Eva Kozáková Krauzová
Eva Kozáková KrauzováIng., PR Specialist[email protected]
Oleksandr LIAPOSHCHENKODSc., Professor, Vice Dean[email protected]
Ivan Pavlenko
Ivan PavlenkoDSc., Professor, Ing. Paed. IGIP[email protected]
Jan Zdebor
Jan ZdeborCSc., Academic and Energetic Expert[email protected]
Oleksandr Gusak
Oleksandr GusakPh.D., Professor, Dean[email protected]
Yuliia Denysenko
Yuliia DenysenkoPh.D.[email protected]