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Kharkiv, Ukraine

     Kharkiv is the first capital of Ukraine and one of the largest cities in Ukraine, as well as the regional center of the Kharkiv region. The history of the city of Kharkiv covers three and a half centuries. It is full of beautiful and tragic events. The city was accepted into the International League of Historical Cities. Its development has been and will remain one of the key moments in the life of the whole state - independent Ukraine. Kharkiv is the first city in Ukraine to receive a complete set of Council of Europe awards: Diploma, Honorary Flag, European Table, and European Prize. The Council of Europe's award system is an important tool in improving relations between all European countries and citizens and spreading the idea of a united Europe.
     Kharkiv is considered to be the student capital of Ukraine. The first educational institutions in the city were the Imperial University (now the Kharkiv National University named after V. N. Karazin), opened in 1805, and the Technological Institute founded in 1885 (now the National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute").
     At present, specialists from 69 universities of various forms of ownership and levels of accreditation are trained in Kharkiv, including 17 universities and 9 academies. Among them is "KhPI" (Polytechnic), which is one of the world-famous Ukrainian educational brands, its abbreviation does not need to be deciphered. More than 160 thousand students are enrolled in Kharkiv universities, including about 12 thousand foreign students. In terms of scientific and educational potential, Kharkiv ranks second in Ukraine.
     It was in Kharkiv that for the first time in Europe an atom was split, the nature of superconductivity was investigated, the largest radio telescope was created, the fundamentals of the theory of oscillations in plasma, and the processes of scattering of slow neutrons in crystals were developed. Many scientific schools have been created here. Works of L. Landau, N. Barabashov, A. Walter, A. Palladin received worldwide recognition.
     Due to its convenient geographical position, Kharkiv has increased its economic power and developed a system of transport communications over the centuries.
Kharkiv is a large industrial center of Ukraine. The basis of the production potential is enterprises of high-tech industries: power engineering, electrical industry, transport, and agricultural engineering, instrumentation, radionics, aerospace industry. The products of many Kharkiv enterprises, including such high-tech as modern tanks, aircraft, and turbines, are known in the world market.
Kharkiv is a city with rich cultural traditions.
     Kharkiv is a multinational city: since ancient times Ukrainians and Russians, Poles and Jews, Germans and Armenians, Bulgarians and Tatars, Belarusians and Greeks, Roma and Latvians, representatives of other peoples of Europe and Asia have lived here. Today, the city has 50 national-cultural associations, operating Catholic and Protestant churches, a synagogue, a mosque, prayer houses of other religious denominations, 15 schools with in-depth study of national cultures operate.
    Coming here, you will surely find a sincere and warm welcome, see the city that will amaze you with a variety of architectural styles, traditions, and ideas, technological and cultural development, and just have a good rest.
     We invite you to discover the pleasure! Welcome to Kharkiv!
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