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High Tatras, Slovak Republic


National Park High Tatras (Vysoke Tatry) is situated in the north of Slovakia, shared partly with Poland. The only mountains of Alpine type in the whole Carpathian Mountain range are often called “the smallest alpine mountains in Europe”.

When we say High Tatras, we mean majestic peaks touching to the sky, dark turquoise mountain lakes of glacier origin, waterfalls, unique plants, rare animals like chamois (mountain goat) or marmot, exceptionally clean air and environment great for healing respiratory conditions.

There are three main parts of High Tatras:

  • The Western Tatras
  • The (central) High Tatras
  • The Belianske Tatras

They differ in their geological composition and location. The inhabitants of the High Tatras live in the settlements situated along the “Road of Freedom“, which joins Western, High and Belianske Tatras together.